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Get Them Out and Sorted

Need extra room in your closet? Clear out those items that you don’t wear and bring them on hangers to the Church July 31 for the Garage Sale.

Peru Medical Mission Report 2013

From John Person:

Attached is my report on our AMAZON JUNGLE MEDICAL MISSION just completed. This mission was “breaking new ground” on the frontier of missions in the Amazon Jungle with the Ashaninca Tribe, a least-reached people group. I hope you enjoy this report! YES! It is LONG! Our longest mission ever produces our longest story! Hope you enjoy!

Amazon Jungle Medical Mission report – 2013

John Pearson, Team Leader – June 18, 2013

Thank you John. And thank you Paul Beecham and Joanne Ewing for making this arduous trip, to show the Ashaninca people that God loves them!

This is one of the exciting things going on at our Church, Roswell United Methodist – Journey Together.

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