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Mission Opportunities

  • Remember to use your special cards at Publix to support Murphy Harpst. Get cards from Betty Hunt
  • Remember your labels and box tops for Redbird Missions.

Opportunity to support missions

Remember your labels and box tops for Redbird Missions for the basket Betty Hunt provides each Sunday.
What is Red Bird Missions?
The Red Bird Conference serves an isolated distressed area in rural Appalachia, Red Bird Valley in southeastern Kentucky. There three counties are cut off from the educational and medical services of the county seats. Chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing, and mountainous terrain are obstacles for local residents. Mission support comes from the United Methodist Church. Current programs include a K-12 school, dormitories, and early childhood development; craft marketing and community stores; senior center, elderly housing, literacy, and women and children ministries; and work camps.
Red Bird Christian School has provided high quality education for thousands of students from the surrounding area for over 85 years. Course offerings prepare graduates for either college or the world of work. Elective classes, extracurricular opportunities, and a climate appropriate for Christian growth are also provided. Major objectives of the mission school are to enhance and strengthen the academic and Christian education curriculum and to increase the number of students through its dormitory program and bus routes. This school welcomes help in the form of Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education located on many grocery store products. Through the years these items have made a positive difference in the school’s finances.
More information and other ways to help financially can be found on this web site: http://www.redbirdconference.org/red_bird_mission.php

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