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End of the Year Giving

Your CUC Foundation committee (Lynn Adcock, Jim Boswell, Frank Foil, Vince Grosse, Nancy Van Horn, and George Waite) wants to remind you to remember the CUC Endowment Fund as you plan your end-of-year giving. Each year the earnings from the CUC Endowment Fund is distributed to worthwhile causes. In the past you, the CUC Endowment, have provided such improvements to RUMC as the sound and video system for our classroom, a substantial gift toward the new golf carts for the mobility impaired, a bench and landscaping for the Commons, and donated to various charities such as Murphy Harpst and Homestretch. Please consider how your gift now is enduring and will keep giving for many years–plus it’s tax deductible. Make checks payable to the RUMC Foundation with CUC Endowment in the memo line.

Mission Opportunities

Remember your labels and box tops for Redbird Missions for the basket Betty Hunt provides each Sunday and remember to use your special cards at Publix to support Murphy Harpst.

CUC Website

Thanks to Doug Tatom and Mike Ewing we have a wonderful CUC website with all sorts of information available on it. You’ll find the story of CUC, pictures, previous lessons, address lists, calendars, etc.
Website:, To log on to the members list:id: cucmember Password: toGODbetheglory. Be sure to check “remember me”.

Latest News from Wilfred Boayue

George Crolius checked on Wilfred, and Wilfred replied:

Hi George,
Thanks for the note and your concern. I also miss the (Covenant) group and sometimes follow the study when I can. I should be there for Christmas.

President Sirleaf just declared a state of emergency for 90 days.  During this period some hard measures will be put in place to try to control the situation with the Ebola.  Movement of people will be restricted and other quarantine measures will be instituted. Our health system has been pushed to its limit!

Do keep us in your prayers! The whole nation has been observing fast and prayer for the past three days. Churches, streets and other places of worship will filled with people!


Red Bird Mission School

Red Bird Mission School, a United Methodist Church institution located in Beverly, Kentucky, would benefit greatly if we CUC members would simply continue to clip Box Tops and/or Labels for Education. It’s amazing how quickly they will accumulate!
Here are the last categories of our lists of products that include Box Tops for Education on their packaging:
REFRIGERATED AND DAIRY-Alpine Lack deli cheese,Horizon organic milk, Kozy Shack pudding,Land O’ Lakes spread, margarine, butter, cheese, sauté starter,Pillsbury crescent rolls, biscuits, pizza crust, ready to bake cookies,Yoplait yogurt — four choices
SNACKS-Betty Crocker fruit flavored snacks, Bugles,Cascadian Farm granola bars,Cereal treat bars,Chex Mix,Fiber One bars, brownies, fruit snacks, meal bars, Food Should Taste Good chips and pita puffs, Gardetto’s snacks,Green Giant veggie baked chips,Larabar multipacks,Motts’s applesauce products, fruit flavored snacks,Nature Valley bars,Ocean Spray fruit flavored snacks,Pillsbury baguette chips
TABLEWARE-Hefty plates, platters, cups, bowls;Kleenex dinner napkins (50 count)
WASTE BAGS- Hefty–13 different products.
Betty Hunt has a box in the CUC classroom every week to collect your coupons. Thanks for your support of this mission project!

Homestretch Donations

Thanks to the generosity of CUC class members, Charlie Mason, class treasurer, was able to report that our CUC Homestretch Fund has been replenished with contributions totaling more than $2200. The class voted again this year to contribute $750 as a Silver Sponsor for the Homestretch “Run the River” Road Race.

Top 10 Time saving Tech Tips

Nice 5 minute TED talk to help us save time using our tech devices.

My friend Gene Smith passed this on to me 😀

Update on Malone 2/14/2014

To our dear praying CUCers:

Malone will be in the hospital until the middle of next week. We originally thought we’d be going home today. He has to remain in a prone position in order for the “plug” to heal without getting pressure from spinal fluid into the lumbar area. This will take several more days. They will then raise his upper body gradually to see if he gets a spinal headache. If he does, it means spinal fluid is leaking out of the plugged hole in the dura, and he’ll have to lie prone for a longer time. When the plugged hole has healed, they’ll proceed with necessary physical therapy to the decompressed and fused areas, after which we should be able to come home.

He requests no visitors at this time, but we covet your prayers for his speedy recovery from all of this, and our patience throughout.

We love you all,


Christmas is Coming!

We are again, led by Lynn Roberts, supporting Operation Christmas Child for Samaritans Purse. There will be boxes in class on Sunday. The Collection Date is November 17. We hope to fill 100 boxes this year. We passed out some empty decorated boxes on Oct 13 and thus far at least 10 have been filled and returned.Thank You!
Feel free to bring the boxes in as soon as they are filled, or if you have them ready and will not be in Sunday School, Pat Kelley will keep them in the church receptionist’s office.
If you have questions you may go online and check at You are urged to also pay for the $7.00 shipping fee, per box,for your boxes at this website so you are credited for your donation and you will also receive an Email telling you the destination of your shoe box. You may also make a donation online if you choose not to shop to fill a box or help pay for the shipment of boxes that arrive at the collection point without the $7.00 shipping fee.
Call Lynn Roberts if you have questions.

Join us in supporting the Habitat for Humanity North Central Georgia Christmas Party.

We have the opportunity to collect gently used Christmas decorations to decorate for the Habitat for Humanity North Central Georgia Christmas Party, December 14, at Roswell Presbyterian Church. They accept all types of items: lights, wreathes, artificial trees, ornaments, kitchen ware, nativity scenes, etc. The decorations are used to decorate the room for the Christmas party and to make center pieces for tables. Then they raffle off all of the decorations, trees, wreaths and center pieces, so families can take home decorations! They also make “goodie bags” filled with decorations for the home owners. For many families, the decorations that they receive at this party are the only decorations that they may have for Christmas.

In order to have items for workshop days on Nov. 2, 9, and 16th we need to collect things early. We will have a box ready for CUC donations on Sunday, November 3 and Sunday, November 10. If you are interested in the workshops or decorating the day of the party contact Sue Waite or Pat Phillips.

Treasurer’s Report

Charlie Mason has completed the treasurer’s report for the CUC class for 2012-2013 which is being sent to all class members today also. It contains quite a bit of interesting information.

Larry Mashburn’s Funeral Service

We have learned that visitation for Larry Mashburn will be Tuesday evening 6:00-8:00 at Northside Chapel Funeral Home.
His funeral is Wednesday at 2:00 PM at RUMC in the Chapel.
Please continue to keep the family in your prayers.

Many people have asked about providing food for the family. Cameron Mashburn, Patricia and Larry’s son, has arranged to use a website to coordinate food.
The information is as follows:

A meal schedule has been created using, and you’ve been invited to participate!

Meals are needed for: Patricia Mashburn

If you would like to sign up, you can access the meal schedule by clicking here, or by visiting and locating the schedule by recipient last name (Mashburn) and password (750).

I have included additional notes about this meal schedule below. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Additional Notes: There are 4 adults in the residence right now that need to be fed with no food allergies.

Please deliver to the residence via the front door. Please keep in mind that this is a hard time and that the family might not be able to talk. You can leave on the front porch and ring the doorbell if that is easier for you. Please bring all food in a disposable/ storable containers.


Cameron Mashburn

WNO reminder

Hoping to see lots of CUC folks out for WNO dinner tomorrow evening for fellowship and learning. The program following dinner (6:30-8:30) is on a subject most appropriate for members of our CUC class.

Gayle Horton of Solutions for Seniors will be speaking in the chapel. Her subject is: “Are You Ready to Live to Be 100”

Following Gayle’s talk there will be discussion groups on the following subjects:

  • Caring for a loved one with Memory Issues – Chapel – Gayle Horton & DeLee Udelson
  • Serving as a Primary Caregiver – Parlor (301) – Beth Cayce & Sue Waite
  • Navigating the Red Tape of Aging – B234-236 – Kelly Creviston & Cindy Hamrin
  • Caregiving from a Distance – B339 Care Office Conference Room – Rev. Carol Rawlinson & Ann Peterson
  • Aging Gracefully – B313 Sr. Pastor’s Conference Room – Elaine Hughes & Marilyn Ewing

Class Roster Update

Dave Roberts is preparing an update of our CUC class roster for 2013-2014.

If you have any changes and have not been in class recently to make the changes, please contact Dave.

Caregiving and Aging Program

Wednesday, August 21 –- Journeying Together: Caregiving and Aging – 6:30–8:30 pm, Chapel – Roswell United Methodist

Hear Gayle Horton of Solutions for Seniors talk about relevant aging issues facing seniors and caregivers today. Topics will include Alzheimer’s, a review of the differences and costs of various senior housing options, long-term care insurance, resources for seniors, and more.

Gayle’s message will be followed by a Q & A time and breakout groups for additional support and connection. Information and registration: 770.261.1767 or

This is a program which should be of interest to all CUC’ers. It follows the first Wednesday Night Out supper of the season. Join fellow CUC’ers at dinner and then plan to attend .

From Dave Roberts – Upcoming film Jerusalem

After a year of research and preparation, the giant screen film JERUSALEM advanced into production with an unprecedented aerial shoot throughout Israel and the West Bank . Scheduled for worldwide release in 2013, the film will take audiences on a spectacular tour of the Holy Land and the city once believed to lie at the center of the world.

Jerusalem | An Arcane/Cosmic Picture Film

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