CUC Newsletter – December 23, 2022

“And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.” – John 1:14

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Be sure to attend one of the Christmas Eve services.

Dec 24 Christmas Eve Services

  • 10 a.m. Worship Service with Communion in the Chapel
  • 4 p.m. Family Worship Service with Candlelight in the Sanctuary
  • 6 p.m. Traditional Candlelight Service in the Sanctuary
  • 11 p.m. Candlelight and Communion Service in the Chapel

Christmas Day

There will be one service Christmas Day, in the Chapel at 10:30.

CUC Sunday School Class

There will be no CUC class on Sunday, December 25th or Sunday, January 1.

CUC Attendance

December 18

Members 66

Zoom 15

Total 81

CUC Has Lots of Christmas Spirit!

This past Sunday, the last Sunday before Christmas, we had 10 of our CUC men showing off their best Christmas ties. The ladies also wore their Christmas-themed clothing and jewelry as we gathered to hear the last of our Advent series of lessons.

  • Jeannie Ehlers is beginning a new chemo recommended by Dr. at MD Anderson at Northside Forsyth. Jeannie and Jim really appreciate all of your prayers for healing.
  • David Hills asks for prayers for his pacemaker installation on Tuesday of next week.
  • Rose Lappe – continue prayers as she also continues chemo
  • Edna Smith suffering from progressive Parkinsons disease. She is now back at Village Park Alpharetta, 555 Wills Road, Alpaharetta,30009. She very much appreciates your prayers.
  • Doug Tatom – suffering from back pain and various other medical problems keeping him “under the weather”. Pray for his recovery.
  • Laverne Lamb asks for prayers for her daughter Kathy who has another lesion in her brain.

Ongoing Prayers

  • Sister Backus – for relief of increased back pain and other disabilities
  • Babs Skillings – to have relief of pain
  • Pray for the caregivers of those who are ailing.

Please pray for needs expressed and unexpressed for CUC members, and for friends and relatives of CUC class members who are facing illnesses, loss of loved ones, and important decisions to be made. Prayers also for our nation and its people and for the people of Ukraine.

(Please help keep your weekly CUC newsletter editor updated as to prayers needed for our fellow CUC members and their families.)


  • Jim Boswell – December 27
  • Brenda Burrell – December 28
  • Lynn Adcock – December 29
  • Claudia Phelps – December 30
  • Donna Grosse – December 31
  • Vince Grosse – December 31


  • Grady & Pat Phillips – December 28, 1963 Washington, DC, 59 years!

Christmas Festival Concert

Did you miss going to the Christmas Festival Concert? Or would you like to see it again? The concerts are available on demand throughout the holiday season at

Update from Jacob

Although our Hot Meal Programs are taking a break until January 2023, the RUMC hospitality team and kitchen crew are still cooking up some delicious meals to put in the freezer! Wednesday Night Suppers will return on Wednesday, January 11. We will start a new Sit Down or Take-Home Hot Lunch on Tuesday, January 12. Keep an eye out for upcoming details!

You can still pre-order any frozen meals by clicking the links published each week and frozen meals can be picked up at your convenience between the hours of 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday-Thursday at the RUMC Kitchen.

MUST Neighborhood Pantry

Our next MUST Neighborhood Pantry is on Tuesday, January 3rd!

Rain prevented us from giving out the coffee and children’s pajamas at our last pantry, so we’ll continue collecting these items throughout December and give them out in January! For the Jan 3rd Pantry, we need laundry detergent, feminine hygiene products, coffee (K-cups and bags of ground coffee) and children’s pajamas (all sizes).

We will collect items the day of the pantry 12-4:00 PM. (We’re not collecting this Sunday because it’s Christmas and the following Sunday is New Year’s Day). On January 3rd, we’re asking people to drop items off at the Fellowship Hall because we will operate out of the FH for the next three months (because it’s so cold)!

We always need lots of help bagging the produce, which is generally 12:00-3:00 PM. If members of CUC would like to participate, tell them just to come on in during that time! They don’t need to sign up.

Neighborhood Care Groups

Don’t forget to make a call or a text or visit this week to someone in your CUC Neighborhood Care Group!

Support for Our CUC Missions:

  • Continue to save those flip tops for Ronald McDonald Houses.
  • Continue to contribute support to Murphy Harpst using AmazonSmile.
  • Also register at with Murphy Harpst school as the one to receive a portion of your receipts at Publix and Kroger.
  • Dec 24 Christmas Eve Services
    • 10 a.m. Worship Service with Communion
    • 11 p.m. Candlelight and Communion Service
    • 6 p.m. Traditional Candlelight Service
    • 11 p.m. Candlelight and Communion Service
  • December 25 – 10:30 Service in the Chapel
  • Oct 17-19, 2023 – CUC Fall Retreat

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