CUC Newsletter – June 18, 2021

Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.– Proverbs 17:6 [KJV]

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Simply Christian

Sally Dowland and Bob Fletcher will lead our class this Sunday completing their lessons on “Simply Christian”. This lesson series is based on the book Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, by N.T. Wright.

CUC Sunday School Class

CUC attendance Sunday, June 13

Zoom:13, Class:68, teacher:1 = Total: 82

Thank goodness for Zoom! But it is good to see each other again face to face!

This Sunday we will continue to have class both in the classroom and on Zoom.

Online Attendance Register for SS Classes

Be sure that you register your attendance – either Zooming or on-site participation online using your personal cell phone or tablet.

Go online to: to register

CUC President’s Message

Things That Seem Good By: Jennifer Waddle

So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate. – Genesis 3:6

As Eve gazed at the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, it’s easy to understand why she was drawn to it. Delightful to the eyes and desirable for wisdom, it was too tempting to resist. Many of us can relate to Eve’s dilemma as we encounter things that seem good—too good to pass up. But in the end, some of those seemingly good things lead us away from the intended path God has for us. And, the delight of our eyes can leave us with a mess of unfavorable consequences.

The thing is, temptations that seem so good, often lose their appeal (and value) once you give in to them. That top-of-the-line vehicle depreciates the second you drive off the lot. And the hefty monthly payment soon becomes a burden you wish you didn’t have to carry. What seems so good at the moment almost always opens your eyes to the undesirable consequences that follow.

I wonder how many times Eve thought about that fateful moment in the garden. Did she and Adam lay awake at night, talking about how different things could have been—should have been? Genesis 3:6 describes the battle of the flesh—the tendency to follow our own desires. Yet, there was another element to Eve’s dilemma that happened right before she considered the forbidden fruit. The enemy slithered in without warning and disrupted her thoughts. As she went about her day, without a care in the world, the serpent swept in with a single question.The life of contentment Eve had was suddenly disrupted by a suggestion of doubt. And it’s no different for us. We go about our lives doing just fine until one thought, one question, one suggestion offers us something too good to pass up.

Eve’s story can be a guide for us; an example of how NOT to listen to the whisper of the enemy. Even when something seems so good, we can (and should) take a moment to pray and ask for God’s wisdom. His Spirit will either confirm that it is good, or He will open our eyes to the truth of the situation.

Imagine if Eve would have recognized Satan’s question as a diversion from the truth. If she would have stepped away from the situation and called out for God’s help, imagine what a different world it would be! The next time something seems too good to resist, allow yourself some space to ask for God’s direction. That is one good course of action you won’t regret.

Good news everyone-we are going to have Sunday School on the 4th of July. Tom Knight has volunteered to teach our lesson. Thank you Tom, and a special thanks to Don McNew for making this happen. I will be with you on Zoom this Sunday. We will be traveling back to GA on Sunday, 27 June, so Sandy will be in charge, I will see you live on July 4th.

God Bless,
Fred Brown

CUC Wednesday Night Dinner

Dinner venue for June 23 at 5:30pm is the Crabapple Tavern, 12350 Arnold Mill Rd. #6, Alpharetta, Ga 30004. We had 33 diners at Slopes’s BBQ this past week. Summer Signup sheet will be passed at Sunday school. If you don’t sign up and can attend or you sign up and can’t attend, please notify Larry Douglas by noon Tuesday.

Invitation from the Vice President:

Hello, CUCers! If you are not currently a CUC committee member – OR if you are already a committee member but are interested in doing something more or something different- please email, text or call me so we can get you set up to contribute your time and effort for the betterment of our class, our church and our community! We are filling committee positions right now for the 2021-2022 year so don’t wait!! We want to put your unique talents and abilities to work!! I’m eager to hear from you!

Sandy Martin

  • Edna Smith has been in ICU at Wellstar North Fulton with multiple blood clots in her legs and lungs
    She is now out of ICU and will be moving to a rehab facility. Pray for a good recovery.
  • Diane Stephens has been diagnosed with breast cancer- to meet with Dr’s next week for treatment options.

Continuing Prayers

  • Dick Anthony – as he continues to deal with health problems
  • Margie Avery – Continuing recovering from chemo and radiation. From Margie: I want to thank my wonderful CUC class for all the many kindnesses expressed to me. These things have meant the world to me, especially since my surgery has been delayed until July 9. Please continue to pray for me. I hope to be back in CUC soon and active participate in CUC activities. God bless you all.
  • Sister Bachus – with continuing back problems and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Pat (Mrs.) Cooney and (Mr.) Pat as she continues to battle multiple myeloma
  • Mary Kay Mills – as she continues to recover from her bout with leukemia
  • Stan Thomason – He appreciates hearing from CUC friends.
  • Vince and Donna Grosse appreciate your continued prayers for their friend Susan Ouzts .

Please pray for needs expressed and unexpressed for CUC members, and for friends and relatives of CUC class members who are facing illnesses, loss of loved ones, and important decisions to be made. Prayers also for our nation and its people.


  • Vince Grosse’s sister Deidra has been declared cancer-free! She thanks you for your prayers.


  • Mary Jennings – Jun 21
  • Lizann Gibson – Jun 25
  • Beverly Tatom – Jun 26
  • Evelyn Hatfield – June 26


  • Cecelia and Bob Moore – June 20, 1970 – Camden SC, 51 years!
  • Patsy & Bill Lanham – June 20-,1964 – Knoxville, TN, 57 years!
  • Janet and Allen Buckley – June 22, 1991-Roswell,GA, 30 years!

From Jacob Crane

This week we served 180 Hot meals and 112 Frozen Meals; that is still a pace of almost 150 meals per day of Service! Please help spread the word that we are still here Serving delicious affordable meals for anybody in the community. The RUMC Hospitality team will be back in the kitchen next week preparing convenient, delicious, affordable meals, and we plan to continue these meals every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM all throughout June.

RUMC Weekly Take Home Menu :

June 22nd and June 24th

  • Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan w/ Spaghetti Marinara, Cheesy Flat Bread, Caesar Salad.
  • Thursday: Country Fried Steak w/ Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Biscuit.

Our Current Selection of Frozen Meals…First Come First Serve!

Frozen Meals $5

  1. Tuscan Sausage Tortellini
  2. Chicken Pot Pie
  3. Beef Stew w/ Herb Rice Pilaf
  4. Macaroni and Cheese
  5. Chorizo w/ Rice and Beans Note: Next week will be our last lunch services until July 13th. Frozen Meals will be available for purchase at the RUMC Kitchen if needed.

40th Annual Patriotic Concert

The Annual RUMC Concert will once again be virtual this year. You may watch the concert any time from Friday, July 2 through Sunday July 4 at:

Malone Dodson Golf Tournament

Malone Dodson

The Malone Dodson Golf Tournament is scheduled for Monday, October 11th. This event raises funds for the RUMC Foundation. Of course that is the date of our CUC Retreat. They will need more “outside” volunteers on the day of the golf tournament and CUC’ers have often been some of the volunteers. If you are not attending the CUC retreat and would be willing to volunteer please contact Anne Bridges or Sue Whitton( to be added to the volunteer list.

MUST Summer Lunch Program

If you are out shopping and can pick-up a few items for us, here is what we need. You can drop-off items (Monday) 12:00-2:00 PM. Just drive-up to the double doors in front of the Fellowship Hall, honk your horn and a volunteer will unload them from your car.

Box of cereal, Laundry detergent, Pasta (1 lb. package),Pasta sauce, Beans (dry/bagged),Rice (dry/bagged),Hot dogs/Hot dog buns ,Shredded cheese (1 package) or pack of American cheese., Fresh produce, Vegetable oil, Feminine hygiene products (pads preferred)

Volunteer shifts are available Mondays 12:00-2:00 PM and 4:00-7:00 PM. E-mail Scotty Brewington for more information.

To help us purchase groceries and staples each week, you can make a monetary donation by going to this link (!/#%2F) and selecting “MUST Summer Lunch/Summer Grocery Program” from the drop-down menu.


Support for Our Missions: Continue to save those flip tops for Ronald McDonald Houses! Continue to contribute support to Murphy Harpst using Amazon Smile. Also register at with Murphy Harpst school as the one to receive a portion of your receipts at Publix.

  • July 2-4 – Virtual 40th Anniversary RUMC Patriotic Concert
  • August 14 – 2021 HomeStretch Road Race
  • October 10,11,12 – CUC Retreat at Hiawasee
  • October 11 – Annual Malone Dodson Golf Tournament
  • December 7 – CUC Christmas Party

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