CUC Newsletter – April 23, 2021

And he said to his disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat,
nor about your body,what you will put on. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.
Luke 12:22,23

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Ask the Big Questions

We are pleased to have Jim McCormick back for this Sunday. His topic is “Ask the Big Questions”. He will be using as scripture Luke 12:13-31.

CUC Sunday School Class on Zoom

Thank goodness for Zoom! This Sunday will be the 52nd Sunday we have met on Zoom. Every Sunday for a full year!

CUC attendance Sunday, April 18:

In Classroom 48 on Zoom 45 , Total = 93

This Sunday we will continue to have class both in the classroom and on Zoom.

If the meeting does not start for you by 9:30 am on Sundays, PLEASE check your emails for a new (alternate) link to the Sunday School meeting.

Online Attendance Register for SS Classes

Be sure that you register your attendance – either Zooming or on-site participation online using your personal cell phone or tablet. Go online to: to register within Ministry Platform, select the event that you are attending to register. When you choose the time that the class normally meets, the system will then automatically connect your attendance to the CUC class.

A Message from CUC President

The story David and Goliath- The Importance of the Right Motives

“So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.” 1Samuel 17:50

Goliath was a daunting enemy of Israel, and a strong incentive was offered to anyone who could kill the giant: money, exemption from taxes, and marriage to King Saul’s daughter. Though these rewards would intrigue any young man, David was not foolhardy. The young shepherd had a different motivation for standing against Goliath: He wanted to serve the Lord.

And so David called out, “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he has dared to defy the armies of the living God?” (1 Samuel 17:26). To him, a challenge to God’s chosen nation of Israel was the same as defying the Lord Himself. David was prepared to defend Yahweh’s holy name and His people, even against this formidable warrior.

It is possible for believers to seek victory with wrong motives. In fact, many reasons that sound good are actually selfish. For example, I’m tired of being in this mess, or Lord, I can’t run away, so You’ll have to remove this problem, or even, If I had more money, then I’d give more to the church. At the end of the day, the right motive is a desire to follow, serve, and honor God.

Life’s “Goliaths” happen to us all, and they can either impede or strengthen our walk with the Lord. As He did with David, God will give victory to those who stand strong in His name.

Taken from the daily devotions of InTouch Ministries @

Starting on May 14th RUMC will be gathering on the 2nd Friday of each month – May thru October for Food, Fun, and a variety of entertainment. We want to create a time and place for the church community and the neighborhood around the church to meet, relax, smile and share the commons. Bring your own chair and/or lawn blanket. Jacob will supply the food, we will have live music, lawn games, space to run around, and some special guests to entertain. 5:30 – 8pm. Come and sit together as a Sunday school class!!!!

We had a great turn out last Sunday for Jim McCormick’s first lesson. Please join us Sunday in person as Jim continues.

God Bless,
Fred Brown

Update from the Fellowship Committee:

Mark your calendar for a Pop-Up lunch this coming Monday, April 26th at 12:30 on the Commons grassy area. Bring your own chair, your lunch and drink and enjoy the company of other members from CUC. Since we are outside it is fine to meet and no sign in or temperature required! If the weather changes we will pick another day. Hope to see you Monday!!

Join us for a Spring Fling to reconnect after such a long absence from one another. This event will take the place of our usual Patriotic Party.

Details include:

  • When: Wednesday, May 19th at 6:00pm
  • Where: On the outside patio of The Peach and the Pork Chop.
  • Cost: Order off the menu – there will be a set 20% gratuity added to each of our bills.

R.S.V.P : email Mike Story at with the name of the attendees no later than May 14th .

Other info: We are not planning a “rain” date – we will have the option to move indoors if the weather is inclement.

CUC Fall Retreat Plans

We now have 33 folks signed up for Fall Retreat. As restrictions are eased and most have been vaccinated please consider joining us at The Ridges in Hiawassee on October 10th, 11th & 12th. Total room cost is just $298.96 for two nights. Incidentals are just $60 each or $120 per couple (Check to Charlie Mason for this).

Reserve your room at 888-834-4409 and mention Code CUC2021 to get our special rate. Email, call or text Gene Osborn at with questions or to let him know you plan to attend. The Scotts are working on entertainment and our leaders, The Goodwins, will surely make this a most memorable, rewarding experience.

CUC Missions

Support for Our Missions: Continue to save those flip tops for Ronald McDonald Houses! Continue to contribute support to Murphy Harpst using Amazon Smile.

Also register at with M-H’s school as the one to receive a portion of your receipts at Publix.

RUMC Weekly Take Home Menu

From Jacob Crane:

We had another great week Serving the community. We Served 412 Hot meals and another 182 Frozen meals this week! We have a great menu planned for next week as well.

Week of April 27th – April 29th

  • Tuesday: Chicken Cacciatore w/ Herbed Rice Pilaf, Roasted Tomato, Garlic Bread.
  • Wednesday: Cincinnati No Bean Chili over Spaghetti, Corn and Bean Salad, Cheddar, Corn Bread.
  • Thursday: Jambalaya Stew w/ Shrimp, Chicken and Smoked Sausage, Creole Rice Pilaf, Sautéed Green Beans, Yeast Roll.

  • Margie Avery – for recovery of her strength following chemo and radiation treatments
  • Jeannie Ehlers as she recovers from what she hopes will be her final round of chemo
  • Betty and Don Gay– Don is on palliative care at home with daily help of caregiver
  • John Goss remains in the hospital into next week, waiting as they continue tests and try to get bilirubin levels down and determine treatment. Betty and son John have been allowed in to visit him.
  • Marlene MacLeod for good recovery from her back injury following a fall
  • Edna Smith as she deals with increasing problems with Parkinson’s Disease.

Continuing Prayers

  • Dick Anthony – as he continues to deal with health problems.
  • Sister Backus – with continuing back problems and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Pat (Mrs.) Cooney and (Mr.) Pat as she continues to battle multiple myeloma
  • Betty Smith as she continues recovery from a stroke
  • Vince Grosse’s sister Deidre Morrison finished with chemo as she deals with heart issues.
  • Grosse’s friend Susan Ouzts continuing radiation therapy, then will have surgery at the Mayo Clinic for pancreatic cancer. They appreciate your continued prayers.
  • Stan Thomason – He appreciates phone calls as he does not use a computer and is alone in an elder care facility.

Please pray for needs expressed and unexpressed for CUC members, and for friends and relatives of CUC class members who are facing illnesses, loss of loved ones, and important decisions to be made, especially at this difficult time with the Corona virus! Prayers also for our nation and its people.


  • Don and Ann McNew wish to thank class members for the expressions of condolence they have received regarding the passing of Don’s sister Rosa.
    “It has been so meaningful to us to feel the outreach of concern from so many. We certainly are a loving and caring group”.
  • Mary Kay Mills – recovering well and getting out driving again


  • Larry Hunt – April 26
  • George Crolius – April 30


  • Jim & Coleen Taylor – April 28,2002-Las Vegas, NV-19 years

  • April 26 – Pop-up lunch 12:30 PM
  • May 19- Spring Fling 6:00 PM
  • October 10,11,12- CUC Retreat at Hiawasee
  • December 7 – CUC Christmas Party

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