CUC Newsletter – Jun 19, 2020

“Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Eph 6 2-4

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father’s Day!

Lessons for Parents (and Grandparents) from Jesus

Debbie Goodwin has our lesson Sunday. Debbie is a wonderful teacher and always brings us a good lesson. Her lesson is from the following scripture:

One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could touch and bless them….. Mark 10:13, NLT

CUC Sunday School Class on Zoom

Just enter that meeting ID when you start Zoom and you will be connected to the Sunday School meeting . Doug normally starts the meeting about 9:15 am on Sundays. This gives you a chance to say Hello, and then the class starts at 9:30 am sharpish!

Due to the limit of 100 participants Doug suggests that you watch the Class meeting on one device, such as your tablet, iPad, or computer so that it can be viewed by you and your significant other. This will give everyone a chance to view the class.

Note from CUC Pres. Sandy Griffin:

Hello CUCers.

FYI we have given a love offering in the amount of $250 to Dr. Joe McKechnie from the class treasury. I felt very confident that the class would agree on this.

I know we are all aware of the conflict our nation is experiencing these days. I read this in Jim Denison’s article a few days ago. It was stated that America was “built on protests”. Charles Blow tweeted “It is estimated that the Boston Tea Party, the riot that gave birth to this country, resulted in 1.7 million dollars (in today’s dollars) in property damage (tea). The Tea Party was conducted by men in disguise under the cover of darkness. George Washington voiced strong disapproval of the perpetrators. Benjamin Franklin insisted that the British be reimbursed for the tea and even offered to pay for it himself.

It was a moonlit, covert act completed in 3 hours. No harm came to the ships or crew. No harm or violence took place between the British soldiers, the colonial patriots or the Tory loyalist that night. Except for the tea, the only property damaged was a single broken padlock on one of the ships, which was replaced the next day by one of the patriots. The sole injury was to one of the patriots who was knocked unconscious after being struck by one of the crates of tea.

Oswald Chambers advised “Never trust anything but the grace of God in yourself or in anyone else.”

The CUC Newsletter

Our weekly CUC newsletter keeps being referred to as “Sue’s Newsletter”. This is not Sue’s newsletter. Sue is only the editor. This is the CUC Newsletter. It is composed of what the members of the CUC class communicate to the editor and from various communications from RUMC that seem to be important for our group.

It is only as good as the information that is provided to the editor. Please help keep it the CUC newsletter by keeping your editor updated. Don’t think that maybe someone else is keeping your editor informed. It is better to have too many emails or phone calls than only limited communication. Thank you for your help in keeping the CUC weekly newsletter accurate, interesting, and current.

MUST Summer Grocery Bag Program

RUMC plans to provide one $40 bag of groceries every week for up to 500 families for ten (10) weeks for the MUST Summer Grocery food program. That is $200,000 worth of groceries.

MUST needs us to do the shopping. The total amount contributed by CUC for the MUST summer grocery program is $6340. Anyone who would like to buy and deliver items from the list to the church can do so. Please keep your receipt and send or email a copy of your receipts for Charlie Mason and you will be reimbursed from the money that has been donated for the MUST Ministry. Another fantastic week! We served about 230 families last night and distributing almost 450 bags of groceries.

Excerpts from Scotty Brewington’s weekly report:

You have all been so generous with your donations – both cash and in-kind. A volunteer remarked last night about the high quality of the food we’re distributing. You have made that possible, so thank you! We are distributing high quality food to our families! With your funds, we’re purchasing chicken, bread, milk, onions, potatoes, apples, oranges, paper towels and toilet paper. This week, we want to add 1-pound packages of butter to the mix. With our donated funds, we’re able to purchase these high quality items in bulk through our commercial distributor. This – in addition to all of your other donations on our list – combine to make a very nice set of groceries for our families.

Other Churches are coming together for the greater good! Many of our donations come from churches. These churches – of all denominations and from East Cobb to Roswell to Buckhead – are organizing their own food drives and delivering BIG carloads of groceries to us each week. Churches working together, side-by-side to better their community, is “church” at its absolute best. It’s inspiring and exciting and personally, I am so thankful for all of you.

Here’s the updated list of needed items:

Hot dogs/buns, Rice (white, yellow, Mexican, Spanish, etc.– We’re totally out!), Jelly, Boxes of cereal, Tortillas (corn or flour), block of cheese or packages of shredded cheese, Spaghetti, Pasta sauce, Mac & Cheese, Bags/cans of beans (black or refried), Canned corn, Canned tomatoes (diced, sauce, etc.), We’re also accepting fresh produce, liquid dish soap, toothpaste and hand soap.

You can drop-off groceries this week at the RUMC Fellowship Hall on Sunday (6/21) or Monday (6/22) 2:00-4:00 PM. Just pull up to the Fellowship Hall, honk your horn, and a volunteer will come get the groceries from your car.

Thanks for all you do!

RUMC Covid-19 Virus Sunday Alternative
Be sure to live stream the church service on Sunday. Go to at the time of the Sunday service you want to watch.

Meals from the RUMC Kitchen

The hot $5.00 takeout meals continue Monday through Thursday from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm. Last week we served over 300 hot meals and around 150 frozen meals. While our numbers are dropping a bit, these are still pretty good numbers for 4 days of lunch services. We are still receiving many thankful comments from those who are taking advantage of this service, and we still have many members who feel this is a much safer way to be getting meals for themselves throughout this pandemic.

We will also have Bonnie White at the piano on Monday and Wednesday and Mark Ewald and “The Me and T” band performing on the drive-through sidewalk on Tuesday and Thursday.

“To Go” Menu: Week of June 22nd – 25th

  • Monday – Chicken Pot Pie, Garden Salad, Yeast Roll.
  • Tuesday -Shepherd’s Pie, Garden Salad, Yeast Roll.
  • Wednesday – Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole, Peas and Carrots, Yeast Roll,
  • Thursday – Baked Ziti with Meat Sauce, Roasted Broccoli, Garlic Rolls,

All meals include Bottled Water

While it is preferred that orders are made online, payments of cash or check are still accepted. Just click on the link below to pre-order online or email Jacob and then pull up to the curb outside the Fellowship Hall doors. Just drive up and honk your horn! Same for frozen meals – order online or email or call Jacob during daytime hours and just pull up to the curb!

Jacob, cell: 404-291-0889 Online ordering:

  • Dick Anthony with continuing health problems
  • Jack Stadler’s brother Curtis in North Carolina passed away on June 15th. Pray for comfort for Jack and Gloria.

Continuing Prayers

  • Pat (Mrs.) Cooney and (Mr.) Pat as she continues to battle multiple myeloma
  • Shirley May still recovering with post-shingles neuropathy
  • Babs Skillings for relief of back pain and for successful knee replacement surgery June 24.
  • Stan & Virginia Thomason – Virginia has been hospitalized with leg infection. Stan appreciates notes and calls as he is alone in independent living facility.

Please pray for needs expressed and unexpressed for CUC members, and for friends and relatives of CUC class members who are facing illnesses, loss of loved ones, and important decisions to be made, especially at this difficult time with the Corona virus! Prayers also for our nation and its people and for the reopening of churches.


  • Mike and Garlinn Story wanted to let you know that their niece delivered a baby girl, June, last Monday. The baby is a little over 5 pounds in weight and was not allowed to be near any family members, parents etc. until she tested negative for Covid over the first 48 hours. We are very thankful that the delivery went well and apparently was not a C-section. Thank you to everyone for their prayers -we really appreciate it.

CUC Cares and Concerns

Since we will still not be meeting together it is important that we keep those CUC prayers coming. Please send prayer requests and updates to Sue Waite


  • Mary Jennings – June 21
  • Lizann Gibson -June 25
  • Beverly Tatom -June 26
  • Evelyn Hatfield – June 26


  • Janet and Allen Buckley – June 22, 1991-29 years

Support for Our Missions:
Before the Box Top plan is completely discontinued and changed to an online system, please keep on saving those accumulated Box Tops for Education for Red Bird Missions.
Continue to save those flip tops for Ronald McDonald Houses!
You can also contribute support to Murphy Harpst using Amazon Smile.

  • First Sanctuary Worship Service – June 28, 5PM
  • 39th Patriotic Concert -Virtual – Friday, June 26, 7:30 PM, Sunday, June 28, 3:00 PM

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