CUC Newsletter – April 4, 2020

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7

Topic: CUC Sunday School

Roger Davis – Life is Unusual

Roger Davis is our speaker! His subject is “Living in Unusual Times”. The scripture is

Philippians 4:8. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Message from Sandy Griffin

Hello fellow CUCers. I am still missing all of you and getting quite tired of this and we have only just begun I think. I read today we need to keep our stress levels down. Stress decreases the body’s lymphocytes, white blood cells that help fight infection.

Get out there and walk, love on your doggies and kitties, jigsaw puzzles (although those cause me stress), meditation, anything to get our minds off this situation we are in.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7

I read that a doctor in Italy said this “until 2 weeks ago me and many of my colleagues were atheists. One hundred percent believed that science excludes God because we are doctors. A clergyman arrived in our hospital nine days ago. He always had a Bible in his hand. He reads to the patients and sometimes places the Bible in their hands. I have come to see that as human beings we have reached our limits and we begin to feel that God begins where man ends. Unfortunately the priest died. He helped give us peace in just nine days when all hope was shattered. Now I realize I am nothing on this earth but I will live like that priest until my last breath for others.” In my humble opinion, I think the churches will have more people in the pews when we can gather there than before this pandemic happened. For a little while at least.

In the “truth is stranger than fiction” category: the patron saint of resisting epidemics is named St. Corona. She was martyred as a teenager eighteen hundred years ago. Her relics have been preserved in Germany since AD 997. Her shrine is being prepared for display once the pandemic has passed. Who knew!!

Hope to “see” many of you Sunday at 9:30. Pray I will be able to figure out Zoom by then!

Thank you CUC Class

From Jim and Linda Boswell:

We were stunned by the love and generosity of our wonderful CUC Class. You donated $4600 to Christ CUC to take care of the homes of flood victims in Jackson, Ms. It is especially meaningful that we show love to our neighbors that we will never know or see.

It is one of the big blessings in our life to be a part of CUC. Thank you being our friends.

Dear CUC friends and family in Christ,

Wow! What a blessing you are, have been, and will continue to be to our Christ UMC and neighbors whose homes were flooded. Imagine the additional concerns in our current circumstances that we all face on top of completely disrupted home environment.

Early on, we used your generous gifts to prepare meals for 450 neighbors that we delivered with love, hugs, and prayer. Many were stunned by that simple gesture. We have been in the process of meeting and evaluating longer term needs while partnering directly with UMCOR.

Thank you ALL for your care, your prayers, and your gifts of love in our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:3

Betsy Boswell Cox

Here is another thank you letter from Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson:

RUMC Covid-19 Virus Response

As you know, nearly everything at RUMC is cancelled. Be sure to live stream the church service on Sunday. Go to at the time of the Sunday service you want to watch.

RUMC sends out short, daily text messages. RUMC is a place of Community & Faith, and social media is no replacement for personal interaction, but we know that God can use such technology to bring about a sense of connection. If you would like to receive these daily e-mails, please text RUMC to 833-279-1728.

Meals from the RUMC Kitchen

Jacob has come up with a wonderful plan to assist us as we try to cut back on outside exposure while maintaining our supplies at home. There is drive – through service for $5 meals from our wonderful RUMC kitchen. Just drive up to the Fellowship Hall entrance and honk your horn and your meals will be delivered to your car. The plan is to serve a hot lunch Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12:00 – 2:00. They will have selections of frozen meals as well, available until 4:00.

From Jacob: “After this week our RUMC Kitchen will have served around 350 hot lunches and around 350 frozen meals to our community over the past couple of weeks. These meals are keeping many people fed during this difficult time, and numerous members have told me how much safer they feel getting their meals from us rather than having to go out to the stores. We are so happy to be able to provide this service to our members and community, and we have the capacity to up our output if needed, so please keep spreading the word.”

While it is preferred that orders are made online, payments of cash or check are still accepted.

Same for frozen meals – order online or email or call Jacob during daytime hours and just pull up to the curb!

Next week’s lunch menu:

  • Monday April 6th:
    • Beef Stroganoff over buttered Egg Noodles, Roasted Beats, Buttered Yeast Roll,
  • Tuesday April 7th:
    • Herb Roasted Pork Loin over Wild Rice, Green Beans, Buttered Yeast Roll, Bottled.
  • Wednesday April 8th:
    • Chicken Cacciatori over Steamed White Rice, Roasted Vegetables, Buttered Yeast Roll,
  • Thursday, April 9th:
    • BBQ Pulled Pork, Macaroni and Cheese, Braised Collard Greens,

All meals include Bottled Water and Canned Sodas.

Pray for all our CUC Classmates and their families to stay safe and avoid this terrible communicable virus which has so changed our daily lives.

  • Bob Hamilton for relief of severe hip pain
  • Johnny Johnson as he continues with a new chemo for his pancreatic cancer.
  • John Lemke as he continues to have health difficulties following foot surgery, infection, and pneumonia. John has sent the following message: I want to thank all the class members who have been supportive during my surgery and pneumonia. Sincerely, John Lemke
  • Peggy Rodway McNay – sympathy and prayers on the loss of her husband Mac

Continuing Prayers

  • Dick Anthony as he continues his recovery.
  • Pat (Mrs.) Cooney and (Mr.) Pat as she continues to battle multiple myeloma.
  • Betty and Don Gay at home with assistance
  • Virginia and Stan Thomason as they adjust to their move to South Carolina

CUC Cares and Concerns

Since we will not be meeting it is important that we keep those CUC prayers coming.

Please send prayer requests and updates to Sue Waite

Please pray for needs expressed and unexpressed for CUC members, and for friends and relatives of CUC class members who are facing illnesses, loss of loved ones, and important decisions to be made, especially at this difficult time of national emergency with the Corona virus!


  • Nancy Spence – April 9
  • Jeff Coelho – April 11



Box Tops and Flip Tops, etc.

Before the Box Top plan is completely discontinued and changed to an online system, please keep on saving those accumulated Box Tops for Education for Red Bird Missions.

Continue to save those flip tops for Ronald McDonald Houses!

  • June 23CUC Patriotic Party – 6:00 PM
  • August 6-8Job Networking Garage (setup beginning Sunday, August 2.)
  • Oct. 21-23CUC annual retreat at Winshape at Berry College

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