Prayer Request for Pastor Andrew Brunson

Prayer request from Terry and Wanda Taylor …..


Pastor Andrew Brunson has been wrongfully imprisoned in Turkey for 17 months charged with “Christianization.” He and our son Pastor Kent Taylor, were roommates at Wheaton College and started a Christian Church in Izmir, Turkey, that has been thriving for 23 years – peacefully serving the people of Turkey and following the laws without issue.

Pastor Brunson’s trial in Turkey finally begins on April 16th. The prosecution’s 62-page indictment is a rambling assault on Christianity, including hearsay from a “secret witness,“ an attack on Israel, and a complete and utter mischaracterization of the Christian faith. If convicted, he faces 35 years in a Turkish prison, essentially a life sentence for the innocent 50 year old pastor. Pastor Brunson’s attorney is an assigned Turkish attorney, who we hope will be effective.

President Trump, Vice President Pence, Franklin Graham, and many others have pleaded for Pastor Brunson’s release to no avail. In March Pastor Brunson’s daughter, Jacqueline, addressed the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, seeking intervention to seek her father’s safe return home to America.

Please pray for Pastor Andrew Bronson, his wife and family, and our son Kent.

Petition to Free Pastor Andrew Brunson

Resurrection Church in Izmir, Turkey



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