Doris Westbrook – Childlike Faith – List

  1. To greet each day as a gift from GOD, a gift to be used to the fullest possible measure, for this day will never come again. It is to greet each day with a vivid sense of wonder and to relish that wonder rather than to try to explain it away.
  2. To find pleasure in the most simple of things: a cool drink of water, a sunset, a playful puppy. It is to find joy in all of life and to live a life that brings joy to others
  3. To believe in God even though you cannot see God. It is to believe with all your heart things as God’s love for you, which you cannot prove logically or experimentally. It is to know that God loves you, and there is nothing you can do about it.
  4. To trust others completely unless or until they give you solid reasons not to trust them.
  5. To live with a constant sense of expectancy, with a genuine excitement about each new tomorrow. It is to take time to smell the roses, to watch a butterfly, to listen to a songbird, to taste each part of a meal instead of “bolting it down.
  6. To forgive one who has wronged you and to reestablish a right relationship with that person – all on the same day that the wrong took place.
  7. To like everybody else just as they are and to assume that they like you just as you are.
  8. To cry when appropriate but to get over it quickly and to laugh when appropriate and not get over it too quickly.
  9. To be eager for new adventures but relish the memories of adventures from the past.
  10. To live with honest and genuine humility and with genuine disregard for status – yours or theirs.
  11. To read the Scriptures on a regular basis and to find something new in them every time you read.
  12. To pray, honestly believing that your prayers are heard and that prayer makes a difference.
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