Must Summer Lunches – Volunteers

MUST SL-Graphic

MUST wants RUMC to pack about 37,000 lunches over the Summer. CUC is being asked by RUMC if we want to be a part of the program.

From Jim Boswell:

I heard Linda Boswell ask CUC on May 14th if the class would like to participate in the MUST lunch program this summer. I saw a lot of hands going up showing…..YES….., we want to be involved. I saw an email from Sue Waite asking who wants to do the deal. As of this morning, we don’t have a champion to lead CUC.

As of this afternoon you have a champion……..Jim Boswell is putting on his armor and is asking for two CUCers to be helpers kind and good to move the project forward.

The 1st two phone calls I get  will be the coordinators. Their job will be to coordinate volunteers and get the lunches made. I will make sure we have the finance side covered and will be responsible for buying our ingredients If I don’t get some helpers Linda and I will write a check and move on.

Thanks, Jim Boswell

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