Good Morning from Honduras, Wednesday



New School Construction

Today is a travel day back to our Tegucigalpa hotel near the airport. The drive is usually less than 3 hours but due to heavy construction, we can expect to be on the big yellow school bus up to 6 hours. We’ve shared lots of stories and laughs in that bus!

Construction on the school moved along yesterday with so many workers. They will continue to work on the project after we leave. Suzanne, leading us from Missions in Action, organized all our work, activities, arrangements, food, accommodations. She didn’t miss a beat. She even found a place to buy ice cream every day (at the strong prompting of Bill Scott) after a long hot day! Our next trip will be in July with adults and older youth continuing the work here. Please consider signing up. We started looking forward to it as we left the school! Thanks, Bill!!!

We could see the difference Lunches for Learning is making in the health of the children. For some of us, this was our 3rd and 4th returns. The kids who have been in the program, look bright, healthy and vibrant. We saw the moms bringing the food in big bowls on their heads and then serve the children.

We were so very blessed to be part of all that is happening at our RUMC school in Las Tablas.

Blessings fro your RUMC Mission Team in Honduras and thanks so much for your encouraging notes.

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