CUC Newsletter – April 14, 2017

Finally the other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, went inside. He saw and believed.
John 20:8

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Sunday, April 16, 2016
He is Risen! Happy Easter!

No CUC Sunday School Class this Sunday
7 a.m. – Chapel Roswell in the Chapel with Rev. Eric Lee

Complimentary breakfast will be available from 8-9 a.m. in the dining room in the Chapel building following the service.

9 a.m. – Welcome Home Easter in the Sanctuary with Dr. Mike Long.

Complimentary breakfast and coffee will be available outside the Sanctuary (10-11 a.m.).

10 a.m. – Chapel Roswell (modern service) in the Chapel with Rev. Eric Lee

11 a.m. – Traditional service in the Sanctuary with Dr. Mike Long; music led by the Sanctuary Choir, including their performance of the Hallelujah Chorus.

11:30 a.m. – Chapel Roswell (modern service) in the Chapel with Rev. Eric Lee


CUC Class Attendance

April 9 – 94 members plus 1 visitors – Total – 95

Thank You From the Dismissed RUMC Staff

Mitch visited CUC and thanked CUC from the custodial staff for the generous contribution they gave the staff members who had been recently terminated.

Bequest from Betty Williams

It was announced that our dear Betty Williams left a bequest to our CUC Foundation Endowment Fund of $12,645. This will allow for a larger withdrawal each year to do more good works.

CUC Small Group Dinners

Here is another opportunity for an evening of food and fellowship at one of our CUC Small Group dinners. The clipboard for signups was passed this Sunday and will be next Sunday also. What a great chance to get to know CUC members better in a smaller setting than on Sunday mornings! For questions or to sign up contact Beth Hamilton.

Believe Ministries Benefit Celebration

Garlinn Storey has reminded us to be sure to save the date of Thursday, May 4th as CUC plans to support Believe Ministries with our CUC attendance at this event.

This will be An Evening of Music, Magic, Message and Merriment! The 10th Anniversary Believe Ministries Benefit Celebration, 7 PM in the RUMC Fellowship Hall. The evening will include Christian Illusionist – Greg Davidson, Music, and Singing – with Jane Riley and Greg, A Silent Auction with Big Winners, Coffee and Delicious Desserts.

There will be tables for 8. Tickets are free. Your donation will celebrate 10 amazing years of family and friends supporting the ongoing Christian outreach of Believe Ministries. A Clipboard will be passed this Sunday for reservations. “Only with your help can we continue to share the promise of Jesus Christ at home and around the world.”  Jane and Greg.

CUC Fall Retreat

As many of us are looking forward to the CUC fall retreat November 1,2, and 3 (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) at Winshape on the campus of Berry College, Jim Ehlers is asking that anyone who has not yet signed up let him know, and whether singles are planning to share a room, so he has a room count.

We have 78 people signed up so far. (We have do some flexibility on numbers until July.)

Homestretch Run the River Road Race

CUC has always been a big supporter of the big fundraising event, the Road Race. Let’s continue the tradition and donate to the Congregational Challenge supporting Eric Lee for RUMC. RUMC has won the Congregational Challenge every year but one. Let’s keep up our support! Contact George Waite with any questions or pledges.

Also, the CUC Class supports the race with lots of volunteers. Please sign up and help. Tom Knight is collecting names and assigning jobs. The race is April 22 and you’ll be free for the day by about 10:00 a.m! A few volunteers are also needed for jobs leading up to the day.

Honduras Mission Trip

Gale Davis thanks, those who have assisted in preparing crafts and gifts for the Honduras Mission Trip which leaves on April 20th. Nine suitcases of craft supplies and gifts are packed and ready to go. CUC members who are going on this mission trip are Gale & Roger Davis, Bill and Sandy Griffin, and Bill Scott, Craig & Katherine Simons.

Upscale Garage Sale


Garage Sale Extravaganza –Aug. 3-5. Continue gathering your treasures!

August will be here before you know it! Start putting aside your good stuff to sell. Mark your calendar so you won’t miss the fun of working with other CUC and RUMC members helping to put on this big fundraiser for Job Networking.

Small Things Support Our Various Mission Outreaches!

Please continue to save the pull tops from soda cans to support the Ronald McDonald House and bring them in to Nancy Wright.

For Red Bird Missions watch for those boxtops and labels for Betty Hunt.

Support Murphy-Harpst and Red Bird Mission school -WEBSITE-

Dental supplies for Peru

Haley Schroeder is doing a Senior Capstone Career Project through her school, Woodstock High, based on non-profit organizations. With this project, she has to present work that replicates that of a non-profit worker. Through this project she has decided to focus her non-profit work around a medical mission trip to Peru she will be attending this summer with Roswell United Methodist Church. With this trip, the Medical Missions team wants to collect dental supplies such as floss, small tubes of toothpaste, and With this trip, the Medical Missions team wants to collect dental supplies such as floss, small tubes of toothpaste, and toothbrushes. In total, the team’s goal is 1200(+) of each item, and all donated supplies will be distributed to the communities in Peru in which they will be serving so they have lots of collecting to do!

Their deadline for collecting will be May 15th, as they will need some time to pack and prepare the supplies for the trip. All supplies will be kept at the RUMC campus in the Dod. She will have a box sitting right inside the entrance labeled: Peru Dental Supplies or Johnie and Nancy Wright will be collecting supplies in CUC class and will be happy to get items to the DOD.

Prayer Requests

  • Lynn Adcock as she has further tests to determine the course of treatment for lung cancer.
  • Jackie Hubbard – in much pain as she awaits knee replacement surgery
  • Betty Magaro – at Wellstar Community Hospice following stroke
  • Peggy Rodway – sister June Deer Williams has died unexpectedly, and Peggy will be driving (alone) on Sunday to Wilmington for Tuesday funeral. She asks for prayers for the family and a safe trip for herself.

Ongoing CUC Prayer Requests

  • Pat Peterson as she continues to deal with health problems
  • Frank Magaro at Brookdale – Neese Road Assisted Living, Woodstock
  • Marlene MacLeod – She writes: Many many thanks to our friends in CUC for the calls, emails, cards, prayers, and good wishes. I’ve been doing physical and occupational therapy every day since I fell more than a month ago, but the pain continues in my shoulder. I’m so grateful for the support and uplifting prayers from CUC. We look forward to returning on April 22. Blessings to you all!

Please pray for needs expressed and unexpressed for friends and relatives of CUC class members who are facing illnesses, loss of loved ones, and important decisions to be made.

cookie   Birthdays

  • Bob Leckie – April 17
  • Bonnie White – April 17
  • Paul Beecham – April 22

love   Anniversaries

  • none

calendar   Calendar Reminders

  • April 22 – Homestretch Run the River Road Race
  • May 4 – Believe Ministries Benefit Celebration.
  • Aug. 3-5 – The Upscale Garage Sale
  • November 1, 2, and 3 – CUC Annual Retreat- Winshape Center, Berry College


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