Update for Betty Dunn

from Dick Dunn:

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas

I have been neglectful lately in keeping you updated on Betty’s condition but things have been very hectic here. Betty was moved from Hillcrest Hospital to Kindred Transitional Care and Rehab in Painesville (about 10 minutes from home) on the Thursday before Christmas. Of course she hasn’t had much therapy yet what with the holiday but then they don’t do therapy on weekends anyway. Today it starts.

She still had the feeding tube when she moved because they said she was still not eating enough by mouth to sustain her. Never thought you had to learn to eat again just like walking but you do. She was only getting food by the tube at night but the first night at Kindred they didn’t have her formula so she missed that one. The next night the feeding tube clogged so she missed that one. The next day the doctor said they could take her back to the hospital and put in a new one or take it out and try to let her eat without it. She chose to try without of course and she has great incentive to eat and has been doing well as well as drinking 3 protein drinks each day. I think she will make it. Each day gets a little better.

Progress is slow – very slow. She still is very weak and gets dizzy just sitting up. They have only had her out of bed a few times but all of that is about to change. Now therapy begins. None of this is going to be easy but we are confident that she is going to make it.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


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