Missions – November 27, 2016

5th Annual Roswell Student Ministry Christmas Tree Sale

Last chance! Order your Fraser Fir Christmas tree or wreath while supporting RUMC’s student ministry. Sales run through Nov. 27. Pick-up date Dec. 3. Fill out an order form or order through rumc.com/trees.

Support RUMC Missions as you start your holiday shopping and decorating

As you pull decorations out of storage, consider donating those unused “treasures” to our missions booth. Maybe you’re looking for that perfect piece to finish your decorations. Check out our Mission Booth and spread the word. Information: rumc.com/missionsbooth

Box Tops and Labels for Education Projects -How Can You Help?

These are two different educational projects:
The Box Top Project is sponsored by General Mills. Each box top is redeemable for $.10 and Red Bird can redeem them for up to $20,000 each year. NO BAR CODE IS NEEDED!

The Labels for Education Project is different. Red Bird can choose items from their catalog and receives one point per label. These labels are on many of our every-day used products. (These do need the bar code!!!) RB has chosen a mini-van worth 1,500,000 points. Currently they have, 1,300,000 and the project ends July 1, 2017.

Attached to this newsletter is a copy of the label sheet, FIND BOX TOPS ON HUNDREDS OF PRODUCTS, so as you’re working in your kitchen or shopping for products, you can check for these two items, Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education. Bring them to Betty Hunt every Sunday morning. (She’s always got a box available ready to be filled.)

Products 1  Products 2

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