CUC – Sunday, October 23, 2016

CUC Logo Resized with I AddThe United Methodist Church follows six Social Principles and a Social Creed, which we will explore these in more detail in the coming weeks. They are: 1) The Natural world. 2) The Nurturing Community 3) the Social Community 4) the Economic Community 5) the Political Community and 6) the World Community.


Denny McFarland, a member of the Bereans Class, will be presenting our CUC lesson this Sunday. His lesson title is “Whatever”.

CUC Refreshments
Be sure to thank Gayle & George Crolius, Pal Stamps, and Mary Serafina who are providing the CUC refreshments this Sunday.

CUC Attendance Sunday, October 16
**83** members + 1 visitors + 1 teacher = 85

Ed. Note: If you have a prayer request or an
announcement to be included in the Friday email to the CUC members please
forward it to
by Thursday
evening. If there is an urgent request, we can distribute it
There are many announcements that come from RUMC weekly. If
you feel any specifically should be included in this CUC newsletter please let
the editor know.

Just a reminder… If you have arranged to exchange your
Refreshment Provider date with someone else, or if you are unable to provide
refreshments on your assigned date please let Wanda or Terry Taylor know.
Note: You may view the current quarter’s Refreshment Provider
List on the CUC internet site ( and click on the Refreshment Provider

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