Prayers and Thanksgiving

Prayer Requests

  • Jim Lappe for good recovery from his shoulder surgery
  • Gloria Stadler for relief of back pain
  • Martha Thompson – continuing good recovery from her surgery
  • Linda & Al Temples – in Texas assisting daughter Tiffany and her children as they hope for recovery of the children’s father
  • Sue Gardner’s brother Dave Dowling whose chemo treatments have been stopped due to complications

Ongoing CUC Prayer Requests

  • Joanne Ewing – for relief of pain
  • Frank and Betty Magaro at Manor on the Square
  • Pat Peterson – as she continues to deal with the effects of Lupus
  • Linda Temples – as she faces possible kidney transplant
  • Please pray for needs expressed and unexpressed for friends and relatives of CUC class members who are facing illnesses and difficult decisions at this time.

Thank You from the Ewings

  • Joanne and I are so overwhelmed over the outpouring of agape love from the Saints in the CUC class. We have received a mountain of beautiful cards, letters, and notes. We appreciate the meal train when we were both down. Thank you for all the rides and offers.
    Joanne’s cancer is still popping up all over the place. When one fire is extinguished, another one pops up. Scans, chemo, radiation, and doctors visits are still going on. Please still hold us in your prayers. God bless y’all, Mike and Joanne


  • Bill Griffin– on his retirement after 49 years!
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