CUC Small Group Dinners

Our Small Group Dinners return in September/October! This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy being together over a fun dinner with your fellow CUC members. We need to have a number of HOST homes. The hostess may have as many guests as she chooses.(Usually 6,8 or 10) When sign up is completed, you will be notified via email. Hostesses fix the main course, and guests bring the side dishes. (veggie, starch, salad, dessert).
If you choose to do so, it can be fun to have an International dinner. That is decided by the hostess. DO JOIN THIS FUN SOCIAL. If you have dined with some of the same people a few times, please let Beth know, so we can “mix it up!” We welcome requests! Daphne Fradl, Dee Scott, and Beth Hamilton will be coordinating the homes.

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