Emergency Preparedness!

CUC had a bit of excitement this past Sunday with a medical emergency. This was a good time to consider our emergency preparedness.
A few things to note:
1. When in doubt, call 911. You will never go wrong calling the experts to come assess the severity of a medical emergency. This should be the first thing you do when you are unsure.
2. It is important to reach out to one of the RUMC people who will help you out with additional details that need to be handled. In the event of an emergency you should call (first) Michael Grant, Director of Building and Grounds – Cell: 404-392-4320 or the Receptionist on the Main Church Line- 770-993-6218 so that EMT help can be immediately notified and 911 will be called from a direct church phone line and directed to the right location.
3. We have AEDs on each floor of both buildings, they are in unlocked cabinets with instructions inside and are easy to use. A lot of Sunday morning church staff in both buildings are trained on the AED and are CPR certified so you can yell for trained staff members in an emergency.
As we found out on Sunday there is always a person assigned for emergency medical response during Sunday morning services who is called to respond immediately.

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