Support for Louisiana Flood Victims

Thank you CUC for your generosity to our neighbor’s in Louisiana . As you may have read, we raised almost $2,000 which has gone directly to the most needy. If you did not have a chance to participate, or want to do more, there is another opportunity.
Dave Taylor has attempted to send disinfectant to Betsy Cox in Jackson, MS. Alas, distribution centers and stores in MS and LA are completely out. He purchased the product locally and will drive it to Betsy on Monday, Aug. 29th. If you would like to send something along with Dave, he’ll be happy to deliver it. Some suggestions: 1) Concrobium Disinfectant sold at both Lowe’s and Home Depot. $31.98/gallon. Also available in half gallons & quarts. 2) Gloves (rubber, Nitrile or work gloves) 3) heavy duty plastic bags 4) small garden sprayers 5) dust masks. 6) bottled water. Donations can be brought to CUC, the Taylor’s home or they will pick it up from you. Thank you CUC for all you do!

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