Caution: Emails with Class Members address: Possible malware

This is a warning message from Doug Tatom

I have received two emails today that first appear to come from Roger and Gale Davis, and also from Dee Scott.

The subject lines were:
eat sleep dance repeat
ready for the weekend?

If you receive any emails from a CUC class member that has some off kilter subject line, I suggest that you do not open them.

I was expecting a email from Roger Davies. I received a email with his email address and the subject line: ready for the weekend?
When I opened it the message body said:

Not able to show full message.
You can view it by clicking here

Gmail error code: 13125 (Tue May 17 1:03:06 ART 2016)

I clicked on the link and it loaded what appeared to be a infomercial webpage selling some supplement to increase your IQ.
I wasn’t to worried that I opened this link, as I did it on my chromebook, which is impervious to malware and viruses.

Please consider; These email address could have been obtained from anyone that has CUC members email addresses in their contact list.
You are possibly safe if you are using the browser based email apps from google, yahoo, or microsoft. But if you are using a email client (like outlook, outlook express, etc) on your computer there will be a better chance that malware on your computer can read your contact list programs information, and get the email addresses from your computer.

If you receive any messages like this please:

  • I suggest: Don’t open it, and delete it.
  • Please make sure your anti-virus is up to date, and run a FULL virus scan.
  • If your anti-virus suite has a malware utility, run a full scan for malware.
  • If you don’t have a malware utility, I suggest malwarebytes from
  • Click on the free download link, download and install it. Run a FULL malware scan.
    Thanks! And continue with safe computing!

Doug Tatom

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