Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center Party

Betty Hunt reports that on February 20 sixteen CUC members traveled to Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center in Cedartown, GA, to help celebrate a birthday party for five of the residents there with February birthdays. We provided for approximately sixty young people and fifteen staff members plus our group. Party items included decorated cakes, ice cream cups (donated by Publix), and balloons. Bingo games were exciting because of everyone’s participation, the variety of prizes we had brought, and the delight of the winners. Visitors had the unique opportunity to interact with these needy teenagers. Each resident with a February birthday received a $25 Walmart gift card. We sang “Happy Birthday” not only to the honorees, but also to Babs Skillings and Jim Lappe, all of whom have birthdays in February. Thank you to CUC for donations which covered costs for the party. CUC voted last Sunday to sponsor another Murphy Harpst birthday party in February 2017.

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