Missions Update from Jim Ehlers

Hello Everyone,
The CUC Mission Committee has met several times for the purpose of identifying the various activities and service agencies CUC is currently supporting and to develop recommendations for the mission activities that we may or may not want to support. Attached are the current activities that CUC is funding. There is also a contact name associated with each activity. That person can answer any questions that you may have and if interested, can direct you on how you can get involved with the project.
Our plan is for everyone to review the list of projects, particularly our new members, to ensure everyone is aware of the many projects we are supporting. Also to ensure everyone knows how they may volunteer or get involved with these projects.

The Committee is also proposing that some general guidelines be established for future mission donations. Initially the proposals are:
1. 1. The Mission Committee is the first point of contact or clearing house for proposed new CUC mission commitments. They would ensure the funds are available and coordinate any necessary research regarding the project before bringing to the Class for a vote.
2. 2. Cash donations of up to $250 can be taken from our general Sunday School collections account, assuming that funds are available and the class votes in favor of the donation.
3. Cash donations and sponsorship’s in excess of $250 may and should require a special collection.

Please consider all of the above. We will have time to discuss before decisions or votes are made. I just wanted everyone to know about the good work that is being done by our Mission Committee. Thank you and see you Sunday.

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