Prayer Requests

  • Malone Dodson having foot surgery today
  • Hugh Gardner as he recovers from a mild stroke. An update from Hugh: Currently, my arm is essentially back to normal, but my speech has a ways to go. Today I will get a heart monitor to check for A-fib for the next few weeks. Speech therapy sessions begin in February. Until then I have several tongue-twisters to practice on a daily basis. Sue and I may come to CUC this week. The caring and support of the class is much appreciated.
  • Marlene MacLeod as she goes through a course of IV antibiotics for osteomyelitis
  • Betty Williams needs to be back on our prayer list, so keep her in your prayers

Ongoing Prayer Requests

  • Shirley May recovering from a broken hip now at home
  • Betty & Frank Magaro at Manor On The Square.
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