Help for Morning in Bethlehem

A message from Al Temples:
Guys, You are needed to help with set up and take down of the Bethlehem booths. We need eight men on Sunday, 11/29 , to set up booths in Dod. We will start as soon after the 11:00 service as possible and LUNCH is provided. So please get your drills and maybe a hammer and an adjustable wrench and come help make this meaningful ministry to the church and community a great way to teach about Christ’s birth.
Also we will need eight men on Sunday, 12/6, to take down and store booths and props. Same meal deal and some tools needed.
Ladies your help is needed also. Please help with the placement of props and other items on Monday, 11/30. If any of you would like to come on the Sunday afternoons your help will certainly be appreciated.
I will be sending clip board for sign up and please call or e mail and I will put you on the list. If any questions, just let me know. We appreciate you…

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