Gwen Grant asks for prayers

Dear Beloved CUC,

THANK YOU for your gracious, generous, and kind support!!! GOD is Good..ALL the time!

We’re asking for prayer for Jennifer and Remco Brommet and myself as we take True Identity Ministries to Huancayo, Peru.

It will be TIM’s first training in Latin America! Mary Alice and Arthur, from Marietta and a Georgia Tech graduate, have been in Peru twelve years. They now have between 7,500 and 10,000 Peruvians in discipleship groups.

Two years ago while attending the RUMC Global International Celebration missions week, I introduced Mary Alice and Arthur to Jennifer and Remco. Mary Alice and Arthur asked us to be praying for TIM to come to Peru, train their leaders, and have the training materials translated into Spanish. For two years we’ve been praying, and the TIM Workbook has been translated into Spanish! Mary Alice and Arthur have invited True Identity Ministries to come to Huancayo, Peru, and train their leaders in their home. We are departing Saturday, October 24, flying into Lima. Sunday we will be taking the six and a half hour bus ride over the Andes Mountains to Huancayo.

Arthur has our team and his leaders staying at a local hostel. The training and meals will be at Mary Alice’s and Arthur’s small home. We will take two groups through the training. The first group of 14 people, men and women; the second group of 17 people. The first session on personalities will be taught with men and women together by Jennifer and Remco. The second through fifth sessions Remco will teach the men, and Jennifer and i will teach the women. The sixth session will be combined men and women. We will have a half day between the two groups to prepare and rest at the hostel. Our return flight home is Sunday, November 1.

Please pray for:

Travel mercies and good health for Mary Alice and Arthur, the 31 discipleship leaders, and our TIM team. Flights on time and luggage arrive with us. It’s the rainy season and many times the roads wash away, and everyone will be traveling by bus over mountain roads. Safe and clean food and water and peaceful refreshing rest for all.

GOD prepare and smooth the path of all coming, provide all that is needed (child, elder, pet care, work release, etc), and protect them and their families so all invited may come and study GOD’s Word together. Everyone come with expectancy and not expectations.

GOD give Mary Alice and Arthur stretched time, energy, rest, and good health as their schedules are so full. Jennifer, Remco, and Gwen are an encouragement and refreshment to Mary Alice and Arthur as they make plans, preparations, and provisions for meals and training to be in their home and travel to Lima to meet us and take us to Huancayo on the bus.

Loving and caring Christian relationships with language barrier, clear communication and open discussion using translator during training times, and acceptance and transparency of all attending.

Jennifer, Remco, and Gwen enabled and empowered by Holy Spirit to teach with transparency what discipleship leaders need to hear, sensitive to His leading, and have His ears and eyes to minister to His beloved. We be a light to all GOD brings into our path, especially our hostel hosts Janney and Luis.


Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support!

In His love,


PS JESUS truly loves you and so do we!

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