Prayer Requests – October 25, 2015

  • Bob Davis – For relief of pain and uncomplicated recovery from severe facial injuries.
  • Michael Ewing – having had back surgery for a lumbar fusion L4-L5 on Oct. 21 at North Fulton Regional Hospital. Mike is home, he was released from the Hospital – Thursday – Oct. 22.
  • Mother of Martha Jane Mason for pain relief following pelvic fracture from a fall. Martha Jane’s mother was released from Northside Hospital Wednesday afternoon and transferred to a rehab center near Northside. When she fell, she fractured her pelvis in two places, one on the front side and one on the back side. Recovery will probably be a long process.
  • Warren Wilson – former CUC member, scheduled for Aortic Valve Replacement in Florida on October 20
  • Ben Anthony – Grandson of Dick Anthony for return of memory and improved health

Ongoing Prayer Requests

  • Betty & Frank Magaro at Manor On The Square, Apt #18. Visitors are appreciated. Good to see Frank out to Sunday School again!
  • Dr. Bill Floyd, RUMC Pastor Emeritus – on Home Hospice care
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