#8 Honduras Mission Trip

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thanks again for your continued prayers. Today is our last day in Honduras and we know you have been praying.

This morning we had a decision to make…stay or go….it rained all night and all day and we were not sure if our vehicles could make it along the severely rocky roads and hills to our school. After much discussion with our experienced guides we decided to try it. We are happy to report that we were able to continue and reached our school.

Waiting for us were kids who walked to the school along with parents ready to have eyes examined and kids ready for the community gathering we planned. By time we left at noon, there were hundreds of kids and adults at the school. Between yesterday and today, over 100 eyeglasses were matched to adult needs.

One of the most significant parts of the day was a meeting between the principal, the priest, our Lunches for Learning staff member and guide, and Craig. Together, it was decided that the Catholic Church just outside the school yard would provide the necessary the church building itself to function as a school room so the school could continue on to the 8th grade with the 30 children they have now in 7th grade. The church will need desks and other supplies but the cost is minimal.

Tonight we met with the Rotary Club of Honduras and talked about further connections. In the morning we will close with communion and reflections.

Below is a photo of one of our miracles for the day. The picture explains it…another WOW moment for a man receiving his first pair of eyeglasses! Notice school behind the group! Perry finished painting murals today in each classroom with help from kids…it transformed the school from sterile buildings to a fun joyous place.

Please pray this prayer as you read it:

Thank you Lord for letting us be your hands and your feet here in Honduras. Thanks for the prayers of the “Stay Team”. Protect us on our trip home with your travel mercies.
In Jesus name we pray.

Katherine Simons

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