#7 Honduras Mission Trip

Good Evening Prayer Warriors,

Thanks for praying for us and sending us notes! They mean a lot to all of us.

Today was a very full day and our second day at the school with the children. We feel that so much happened today that it is difficult to highlight one specific event. We asked all at the dinner table tonight to share their special moment. The eye glass people saw mostly adults today, teachers and parents, and found glasses for those who needed. One dramatic moment was a woman about 50 years old who never had glasses and could barely see the eye chart even at 6 inches away! She was so overjoyed when they matched up glasses for her.

The children ran to us when they saw us pull into the school this morning! What an amazing welcome we received! Even children who held back yesterday as we arrived were anxious to be in the hug line! The school went from bare walls to cheerful rooms full of fun murals. Kids learned how to care for their teeth, made crafts, heard Bible stories, and sang songs. All the area pastors and priest joined in. Repairs were done. Everyone was fully engaged!

Thanks to Pastor Nancy who picked up a violin at the RUMC Garage Sale in July. One child played while a 8 or 10 sang….it was just amazing to see the delight of all watching and the child playing. His dad is in a band and music is an important part of the family. Perri Wagner captured the moment in the photo below.

Please pray this prayer as you read it:

Dear Lord, Thank you for the ways you have worked through this team this week. Tomorrow is our last day at the school. We anticipate a long line of people hoping to be able to see again with glasses that work for them. We pray we may be able to help that happen. The community will be joining in for a special lunch at the school with us and the children. We pray that the time will be blessed in beautiful ways and full of your miracles. Please be with us and guide us in all we do.


Katherine Simons

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