#6 Honduras Mission Trip

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thanks for your encouraging notes. We read them tonight during our reflection time!

We went out looking for miracles and found them…..everywhere. We asked the group tonight which miracle they wanted to be sure you knew about….overwhelmingly they agreed!

Here it is…..during our last visit to Honduras, we were able to meet with the 3 local pastors and priest and with the principal at the school. At that meeting, they all shared common goals for the community and agreed there was much needed to improve lives. They wanted to meet again when we returned. Today that happened. But, today, they were encouraged as they met with our pastor, Nelson Banegas, who was born in Honduras, returns often, and is pastor at Hillside UMC in Woodstock. Nelson lead them in a discussion about working together and praising God. The photo below captures a moment when the pastors were all praying in one voice out loud praising God and putting aside their differences. Nelson said it was a powerful moment of unity.

Other miracles included people receiving eye glasses for the first time, kids hugging us like old friends, bright murals painted that transformed the classrooms, our Lunches for Learning guide and interpreter reading Noah’s Ark to the children with all her enthusiasm poured into it, children feeling loved by complete strangers and being told we are here to bring God’s love to them. Miracles! We learned from Louise (one of our teachers) a beautiful quote “ When people place everything in God’s Hands, they will see God’s Hands in Everything” (to be painted on the classroom wall today!”)

Thanks for praying for us

Please pray this prayer as you read it:

Lord, we thank you for miracles. May we all see miracles today and your loving Hand in all we do.


Katherine Simons

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