Message From Gwen Grant Regarding True Identity Ministries

Dear CUC,
THANK YOU for your prayers and support of True Identity Ministries and taking TIM to Kenya where lives are being transformed!
THANK YOU for the Matching Funds $250 seed check from some members of your class to send a “$500 CUC Love Gift” to Arthur’s and Mary Alice Ivey’s ministry for the training of their top discipleship leaders. After hearing about True Identity Ministries two years ago at RUMC’s Global Impact Celebration and praying, Arthur and Mary Alice have a BIG need and have invited TIM to come and train 31 of their top discipleship leaders in who and whose they truly are. Arthur and Mary Alice have over 7,500 Peruvians in discipleship groups. This training will equip their top leaders with materials and tools to train their discipleship groups, community, and churches.
THANK YOU for your prayers and support to answer Arthur’s and Mary Alice’s invitation to come train their leaders in Peru and launch TIM in Latin America!
PLEASE make your checks out “Pay To: RUMC” and write “from/memo: PERU TIM”
Does anyone have an old suitcase that rolls to donate for us to take to Mary Alice and Arthur? We will use the suit case to fill with materials for the two training workshops,
and then we will leave the suit case with Mary Alice and Arthur. They can use the suit case for their medical missions supplies and their discipleship leaders who travel to neighboring villages and towns.
THANK YOU! In His love,
PS JESUS truly loves you and so do we!

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