Prayer Concerns – February 19, 2012

Current Concerns
  • Larry Hunt remains in North Fulton Hospital diagnosed with both a coronary blockage and a severe infection in his hip.  Doctors will probably do the coronary catheterization to implant a stint first and then perform surgery on the hip to eradicate the infection.  Pray for Larry and Betty as they experience these procedures.  Betty want to thank all of CUC for your concerns and help.
  • Linda Temples as she continues to struggle with cancer.  Linda concluded her radiation therapy this week and is scheduled for an MRI on February 22, pre-op on February 28th and surgery on March 5th.  Pray for Linda and Al as they continue to go through this long battle.
  • Bob Morisey for a good outcome on his urinary procedure on March 1st
  • JB and Virginia Hardy as he struggles with ulcers in his colon .  Pray that JB will get relief from pain, healing for his ulcers and other medical concerns.  Also keep Virginia in your prayers as she supports JB in this trying time.
  • John Mills prayers for John as he now deals with prostate and bladder cancer. John reports that he is progressing well and plans to be in Sunday School this Sunday.
  • Mary Ladner, mother of MariAnna Brown, as Mary, age 86, recovers from removal of a malignant tumor on her bladder on February 14

Ongoing Concerns

  • Sandra Nauman prayers for a speedy recovery from renal surgery.
  • Earl Thompson, father of Mary Lee Copeland  as he struggles with tumors in his bladder
  • Betty and Frank Magaro as they deal with Betty’s continuing health concerns. Visitors are always welcome.
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