Continue Your Prayers for Larry Hunt

Betty writes:

I just got home from North Fulton Hospital ALONE because Larry and I went there this afternoon at the advice of his primary doctor.  He had had a very uncomfortable week.  

Tests in the ER detected problems in addition to the badly arthritic hip:  infection at that site, pneumonia, distended colon.  When he was moved to a regular hospital room, nurses hooked him up to oxygen, too.  So going to NFH was a good idea.  

I will be back early tomorrow because the doctors make their rounds then. Actually, three different doctors will be checking on him.  Let’s trust that Larry will bounce back from all these issues.  Thank you for keeping CUC friends in touch with each other.  Also, one message on my answering machine tonight was from Harvey West asking about Larry.  RUMC does care about its people!

Betty Hunt

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